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Investment and Joint Ventures

“Property Development is having a vision, understanding the  market and turning that vision into a reality……..”

Westcoast Developments constantly review its activity and seek to extend residential development through joint venture projects with land owners.

Opportunities for development include:-

  • Properties set within large grounds
  • Commercial premises or agricultural land
  • Former hotel, nursing home or land used for car parking
  • Excess garden land
  • Land with planning permission
  • Land with planning refusals
  • Property owned by a family group which would benefit from redevelopment.  Potential profit share at the end of the project between beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, often developers and individuals encounter problems with finance solutions.

Finance options available to you currently may include:-

  1. Further advance – mortgage (expensive option)
  2. Mortgage
  3. Personal savings
  4. Joint Venture Finance (with well-funded partner) **

Items 1-3 above may not be an option or very attractive for many reasons such as:-

  • Struggling to raise finance via normal lenders
  • Adverse credit history (not bankruptcy)
  • No experience in project development
  • Unwilling to use personal reserves/savings
  • Too much red tape / limited time to waste with mortgage companies and surveyors etc.
  • Cashflow tied up in property currently unsold so future development is limited or “on hold” therefore missing out on attractive and lucrative deals and projects  – short term cashflow problem.
  • Site owned is vacant land so not viable for mortgage or other finance
  • Certain banks will only lend on build cost and not the land and usually only with proven property developers who have completed the development process from acquisition to sale of finished property
  • Commercial property investment (farmland, industrial property, retail property, offices, hotels etc) – generally considered riskier for lenders and therefore more expensive

** Westcoast Developments as Joint Venture Partners

Westcoast Developments are able to offer individuals or companies joint venture funding and in some cases allowing the client to borrow up to 100% of the total project cost.

Joint Venture Options

  • simple joint venture 50/50
  • fully fund projects incorporating project management service and build
  • partial funding with project management service and build
  • profit share arrangement – return on investment

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